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September 19, 2005


Tom McKay

Great advice, Garr! I just blogged about this, and added a link to this excellent post.

As a marketing writer, copywriter and (recovering) technical writer, I'm constantly advising my clients to do the same things as "Dr. Ted" recommends: Consider who is in your audience (or readers) then tailor your material for them. Make it easy and worthwhile for them to listen/read. Keep it simple. (That's NOT the same as "Dumb it down.")

Keep on, Garr!

John Peden

Looking at putting these tips to work on Wednesday, I'm presenting a year long engineering project to a board of academics.

Thanks for the advice, its so easy to stick to the status quo but I think I'll be in a great position if I can set myself apart whilst giving them all the technical information they crave!

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